Loss and the Grieving Process

Loss is losing something that is of great significance to us. For most of us, our greatest lost will be the death of a loved one, and we will mourn that loss most of all. Grief affects all aspects of your life and involves mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering resulting from loss. It is not an illness of something to be fixed but rather a natural process of reaction and adjustment to loss and change. It is normal to experience a range of feelings when we are grieving. Some like sadness and loneliness might be expected, but others like anger, rage, and guilt may be more difficult to accept. The aim of our grieving is to help us adjust to changes in our lives; it’s not to forget about who or what we lost but to learn to live with those loses in our lives. It’s natural to have an uneven journey with grief. Grief comes and goes with waves. Good bereavement care involves enabling the movement between “loss coping” and “restoration coping”. People need to do both to grieve well.

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