Liberation of Self-Acceptance


Caitlin shares her experience in finding self-acceptance as she grew up adapting to Irish culture.

Caitlin Faye Maniti, 19, has been living in Donegal for 15 years, but was born in the Philippines, moving to Ireland with her parents when she was just four years old. Caitlin’s talks about her struggle to feel accepted while growing up living in a new and different culture, how she found it hard to publicly talk about her story and background and the loneliness she felt without someone to relate to.

GEN E (Generation Equal) will showcase the voices, stories and lived experiences of LGBTQ+ young people and those from ethnic minority backgrounds in an effort to foster conversations about real inclusion and diversity issues faced by young people today. The collaboration will see spunout and Accenture work together to champion greater equality progress, create further opportunities to empower young people, and work to make equality a reality.

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