How to Get Through a Panic Attack 

Panic attacks can be scary, especially in the moment that you realize that you’re having one and that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The good news is that a panic attack will pass. You just have to ride out these next few minutes. Here’s a video that will help you do that. Distracting yourself is a classic coping mechanism for a reason: breathing exercises and focusing on objects around you can reduce the fear you’re feeling while you wait for the attack to end. This video will help you learn these techniques, and if you’re having a panic attack right now, it’s also a distraction itself. That said, it’s not a replacement for proper mental health care. While it’s possible to have a one-off panic attack for no particular reason, often panic attacks are part of an anxiety disorder or another mental health condition. Seek mental health help, from a therapist or from your doctor, if the attacks continue or if you’re concerned.

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