Burnt Out & B@ll*xed with Dr. Sharon Grossman

Most of us end the year feeling burnt out and a little bit b@ll*xed and make promises to ourselves that next year will be different. Although a lot of us have felt or relate to being burnt out, it’s important we get to the route cause of what it actually is and what’s causing it.

Niall is joined by Dr. Sharon Grossman, aka The Burnout Doc and author of The 7E Solution to Burnout. As a self-professed over-achiever, Sharon has worked through her own experiences with burnout and now works with some of the world’s biggest companies to shift their culture to support their people. Niall and Sharon discuss the sometimes subtle, sometimes all consuming symptoms, how knowing your personality type can help you decode your burnout and why rest is the most important ingredient to help with recovery and prevention long term.

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